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Inaugurated in 2014 in the exhibition space in the Tabaccaia di Reschio
non-profit making exhibitions with proceeds going to local charities

Passionate Portrayal of Florence


Exhibition of Photographic Prints of Florence

will open on10 JULY 2017


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Costantino Ruspoli started his career as a photojournalist with an insatiable desire for travel. The 80s and 90s saw him as not only a fashion photographer but also developing his creativity and art.
Dedicating his more recent work to portraits, books and special projects, this exhibition presents a passionate portrayal of Florence - one remembered when there was time to stop and look without the crowds.

Costantino tells us:

"I started my career as a photojournalist, so as to pay for my travels across the globe. My desire for adventure, to learn and to understand was immense, my funds not so much!
After a few years of that fantastic life, I had to return to Europe.

The fashion world took me under its wing, and I was more than happy to be a part of it. I worked for some of the most prestigious clients a photographer could hope for: Vogue, Harpers & Queen, Donna, Armani, Tatler, Belstaff, Uomo Vogue, Harrods ……

The 80s and 90s were very creative. The language of photography was in a state of permanent evolution. New techniques were constantly experimented with, and the clients allowed free reign to the photographer’s creativity and art.
Then the digital age came along ………… with lots of young guys, experts in photoshop, fashion photography, and not only, and everything started to change. So I thought it was time for a change. To try something new, a new adventure.

For some years now, I’ve dedicated myself to portraits, books and special projects, both as a photographer and curator. A more reflective and culturally prepared form of photography. My life as a photographer has been enriched and grown from it. I don’t regret my previous professional chapters, each brings with it its own energy and vision but this last chapter fills me with professional joy and satisfaction.

I’ve photographed the Florence of my past, of my memories. When it wasn’t swarming with tourists, when the pizza parlours were artisan workshops, when you could walk the streets admiring the city and not have to dodge the files of people marching behind a little flag."

"Seeing such a passionate interpretation, so intelligent, so lucid, of our city, virtually never happens!”

Antonio Paolucci
Superintendent of the Florentine Museums

Past exhibitions

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will open on
4 JULY 2015

at the

in the hills of

Nic Fiddian Green's fascination for horses grew from a visit to The British Museum whilst a student at Chelsea College of Art. The marble Selene horse's head from the Parthenon was an inspiration which continues today. A chance meeting with Conte Antonio Bolza led to a visit to the Reschio estate and the landscape and the Andalusian horses he found there further inspired him, so much so that he now spends a great deal of time nearby.

Several of Nic's works have been placed in prominent positions around the estate and moving up the main cypress drive way you are able to find these majestic works.

August 2014 - Calyxte Campe - Animal Sculptures

" Working from life allows my work to carry and have greater impact at a distance.
 Working with people, animals and scenery under natural light, never from photographs, I find myself with an infinite source of inspiration.
I use the constant variety and change in nature to bring life to my work."

Calyxte Campe | August 2014

July 2014 - Lindy Guinness - COWS - The Way That I Went


The newly renovated Tabaccaia di Reschio is, for the first time, centre stage to an art exhibition of great personal importance to us. Nencia and I have been fond admirers of Lindy's work since 1998 and our visits to Clandeboye and her painting excursions to Reschio have created a great bond and understanding of her work.

Nothing would seem more appropriate than to inaugurate this new space with Lindy's extraordinary work. Her painting of the Clandeboye cows allows us the privilege of witnessing her search for the essential form of her subjects. The Clandeboye Estate is an inspirational environment where Lindy has been able to preserve and maintain the treasures of both house and grounds. Change and progress are to be seen, however, in the great success of her prize winning dairy herds and also most strikingly in the development of her oeuvre/ art practice and we are lucky enough to have many of these paintings here at Reschio.

Benedikt Bolza | June 2014