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"The houses are stunning. Each has its own character, as they are designed from the ground up according to the wishes of the owners."
The Guardian

estate » buying BUYING Scattered across Reschio's three thousand acres are several ancient farm ruins. For those looking to buy a property this is a unique opportunity to work with our expert team of architects, artisans and local tradesmen to create a bespoke country retreat of extraordinary privacy and beauty. Strict planning laws ensure that no other properties apart from those designated can ever be built on Reschio's land which guarantees the estate will remain an unspoiled haven of peace and tranquillity for generations to come.

Price, time-frame and quality of work will be guaranteed before purchase and every aspect of the renovation, from the legal paperwork to the interior design, taken care of. On completion, the property would be managed and maintained by the Estate.

Each farmstead is completely private, hidden deep within its own tracts of land, but also part of a thriving, working estate with its stables, winery, olive groves, wild boar hunts, clay pigeon shoots and its private Osteria and Bottega.