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estate » design » creative center CREATIVE CENTER The Tabaccaia was a former tobacco processing factory built in the 1940s and since renovation was completed in June 2013 has become the creative heart of the Reschio Estate, with large open plan offices and flexible exhibition space on the first floor and artisan workshops and farm administration below.

The renovation and transformation was carefully designed by Benedikt Bolza to leave the integrity of the brick, concrete and glass 'industrial' building intact. The bold stone staircase lead up to the offices and on entering the immediate impression is of space and size and there is a welcoming open fire. The high curved ceilings with skylights dominate a floor space of some 500 square metres. The architect and design studio has been created on a mezzanine floor at one end with a meeting room beneath. The office furniture and lighting was designed by Benedikt Bolza using blackened steel profiles and reclaimed waxed builders' boards.

The artisan workshops houses furniture and materials to be restored and also give space to complete and finish the BB for Reschio items of lighting and furniture. Space too to create decorative features such as the sculptural steel balls hanging from the ceiling of the offices made from disused steel rings originating from old wine barrels in the castle wine cellars.