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estate » design » garden design GARDEN DESIGN The wish to preserve the natural beauty of this ancient estate is at the heart of all the design-work we do at Reschio. Through graceful sympathetic landscaping and planting-schemes of traditional Mediterranean flora, a farmhouse garden stitches a building back into the landscape after years of neglect.

Old trees are saved, olive groves restored and fields of pasture and wild fennel rejuvenated. Mature avenues of cypress and umbrella pine can be planted to shade gravelled driveways. Beds of lavender and box, herb and kitchen gardens, formal parterres and immaculate terraced lawns can hold covered dining loggias, flowering rose arbours and wisteria-shaded pergolas. Swimming pools are designed bespoke for the aspect and site of the house and can range from cool modernist oblongs to simple tanks carved out of the ancient hill-rock.

Every farmhouse garden at Reschio is a tranquil, beautifully designed space in which to swim, dine or simply bask in pristine summer weather.