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estate » about » estate » nature NATURE For decades the Reschio lands lay overgrown and abandoned. Under the Bolzas' stewardship, native flora and fauna have flourished and nightingales and butterflies have returned in great numbers.

One of the many joys of Reschio is watching the land transform with the seasons. In the spring the pastures erupt into a riot of colour as meadows of poppies burst into flower. In the summer, long peaceful days are framed by pristine blue skies and filled with the smell of lavender and the sound of crickets and cicadas.

In autumn the great woodlands, home to wild boar, porcupine, hare and partridge, are ablaze with yellow and orange as the oak forests change their leaves. This is the most fruitful season at Reschio when truffles, porcini, juniper berries, sloes, olives and grapes are harvested from the land. As autumn moves into winter, Reschio is transformed, once more, into a wild mountain retreat of log fires and long walks in the rolling hills.