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estate » staying » houses » noci NOCI The 17th century farmhouse that crowns Col delle Noci looks across the valley to Castello di Reschio and then on to the rolling hills of Umbria. It is a beautiful position and a beautiful house surrounded by grounds of mature cypress, lavender beds and stone terraces. The great, split-level infinity pool has the formal simplicity of an ancient Etruscan bathing tank whilst remaining one of Reschio’s most modern and elegant designs.

Inside, Noci displays many typical features of traditional Umbrian design. Pale terracotta floors and rough-hewn wooden doors, the scalloped vaulted brickwork ceilings of the kitchen and the exposed timber beams of its cool and tranquil bedrooms, all contrive to give a sense of the building’s history. But the house’s bright interior palette of painted woodwork, contemporary fabrics and Italian furniture give a lightness and elegance of touch to this beautiful country retreat.