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estate » buying » resales RESALES In the course of developing bespoke restorations, over the years, it is to be expected that some of the properties will change hands.

Reschio, together with its sales partners, Knight Frank and Stribling, have been able to successfully and smoothly assist new purchasers to acquire the few such homes that have become available.

Although initial rebuilding and renovation are specifically designed to meet the requirements of individual clients, changes can be made to accommodate the wishes of a new owner. Any and all such works are completed to the same high standard of workmanship and meticulous attention to detail that are a hallmark of all Reschio projects.

There are currently restored houses available for sale and for all enquiries please contact Liz at the Estate Office on:

Tel.:+39 075 844 362
email:[email protected]
Address:Tabaccaia di Reschio
06060 Lisciano Niccone (PG) Italia