January 2013 THE IMPORTANCE OF A BATH As the sun sets after a day in the open air, a long soak in the tub always provides a moment of absolute and blissful calm. Bathing is something we love to do in our family and most of the baths at Reschio have been positioned so you can wallow with a glass of prosecco or a cup of tea, whilst watching dusk slowly fall over the Umbrian hills. There's no finer way to wile away the time. Here is one our favourite bathrooms on the estate.

February 2013 SNOW Gently falling snow builds and builds masking the land but bringing new vistas to the contours of our Estate. We do not have heavy snow falls every year but when we do we can enjoy the muffled sounds and sense of calm and tranquillity that the snowy landscape can bring. The children of course love to practice their cross country skiing or tobogganing. In a few short days it is all over and just a memory with photos to remind us of those cold toes and fingers.

March 2013 A NEW BUILDING SITE The plans have been drawn up, discussed, tweaked and finalised with the owner and then presented for building permission. The local Commune examines, approves and rubber stamps the plans giving us the go-ahead to build. The great moment has arrived and one which I relish on each and every occasion, it is the start of work. The old building gives up its stone, its foundations are exposed and the footprint is ready for the new home to take the place of the old ruin.

April 2013 THINGS WE LEFT BEHIND We love it when the changing season brings back the things we left behind: when leaves turn green, when nightingales return from Africa, when basil starts sprouting, when newly bottled wine is tasted, when our Bottega is open again – and when straw hats are back in use.

May 2013 RESCHIO'S FENNEL PESTO In May we love to make fennel pesto:

Chef Marco creates his rich pesto from wild fennel shoots now sprouting all over the estate;

for his home-made tagliatelle he uses eggs laid by our free range chickens;

he picks fresh basil for his sauce of cherry tomatoes grown seasonally –

add a shot of Reschio’s own extra virgin olive oil before starting.

June 2013 TABACCAIA DI RESCHIO We love to bring back the 1930s when our Tobacco Factory was built in great style.

Our craftsmen have now transformed this landmark into our new Design Studios, Workshops and Offices, along with a multifunctional Exhibition Space creating an exciting new face for the Reschio brand.

July 2013 THE RESCHIO FURNITURE COLLECTION Benedikt Bolza has designed and produced for Reschio a first collection of furniture and lamps using the new Tabaccaia Workshops.

we love to make things in house with the help of our Italian artisans using prime Italian materials

Read more - see more of the coming collection »

August 2013 SUMMER NIGHTS We love hot summer days and when the long evenings end in cool balmy nights. Summer rooms and outside fires with candles come alive at twilight in Reschio – the night air scented with wild fennel flowers and dried grass and the evocative sounds of nightjars and crickets.

September 2013 B. B. FOR RESCHIO We love launching new things. Furniture and lighting are indigenous to the Reschio houses with a new and growing array of specially designed and made items.

B.B. for Reschio designs made to order in our workshops are now available. Please see our brochure and contact us for more information.

B.B. for Reschio Brochure »

October 2013 PAST MEMORIES We love to stumble across the past. Thanks to the National Archives of Siena and the private collection of photos belonging to the Bichi Ruspoli family a wealth of historic photos, maps and documents have been found during the present research on our estate’s history.

This photo taken in 1915 shows the then owners Marchese and Marchesa Ridolfo Bichi Ruspoli Forteguerri riding out on an autumn morning from the Castello di Reschio entrance gate. They owned the estate from 1692 to 1932.

November 2013 OUR NEW ANNUAL OLIVE OIL We love our 200-year old olive groves at Reschio. The trees, having outlived many generations, supplied their vital oil, the ‘bread and butter’ for the tenant farmers during the estate’s agricultural heyday.

With much passion and time the great heritage of our olive groves has been carefully rejuvenated and now maintained to make the very best of Italian Olive Oil.

The olives are handpicked and taken to be pressed within 4 hours.
The temperature is strictly maintained ‘cold’ at maximum 22 °C, using an avant-garde process that prevents oxidation during pressing, thereby enabling our oil to achieve that deep, rich flavour along with an exceptional intensity of dark green, found only in the very best of Olive Oils.

December 2013 OUR WORKING ENVIRONMENT We LOVE our new offices situated in the old 1930s Tabaccaia factory on our estate.
Exhibition spaces, workshops, B.B. for Reschio’s design studio and more - all coming together in a single building.

January 2014 THE TABACCAIA AT CHRISTMAS We love Christmas at Reschio

Hoping to see you in 2014 and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Bolza family and all the staff at Reschio

Tabaccaia di Reschio - our new offices, workshops and design studio at Castello di Reschio

February 2014 HANDING OVER A COMPLETED PROPERTY We LOVE to reach that moment of handing over a completed project to its owners

A newly handed over property with private vineyard and winery – designed, built, furnished and maintained by the Reschio team

March 2014 WILD ASPARAGUS DELICACY For the next month or so market stalls across Italy will be offering great bunches of Violetto d' Albenga, the purple asparagus, or the celebrated white asparagus of Bassano del Grappa. But in Umbria we have our own wild asparagus delicacy. Harvested from the surrounding oak woods, these tasty, tender little beauties are one of Umbria's finest foraging prizes and can be used to make an array of beautiful dishes. Chef Rosario's springtime recipe, a favourite at our Osteria.

April 2014 FARMING LIFE AT RESCHIO IN 1910 Tenant farmers at one of the Reschio estate's farmhouses, approximately 1910 Private photo archive of Marchese Tommaso Bichi Ruspoli whose ancestors owned the estate from 1692 to 1932

We love finding photos that give an insight of what life was like on the estate. Gradually so much is being unearthed and discovered whilst we research some 1000 years of fascinating history at the Castello di Reschio Estate - a written account of all that has been found will be published soon.

May 2014 FROM UMBRIA TO TOSCANA From a meadow on the Reschio Estate looking north towards the Tuscan border and the neighbouring Castello di Sorbello

. . . from Umbria to Toscana we simply LOVE the incredible Umbrian and Tuscan landscape around Reschio . . .

June 2014 [email protected] - Lindy Guinness - COWS - The Way That I Went

We are thrilled to announce that we will feature Lindy Guinness for our inaugural art exhibition in the Tabaccaia di Reschio. We will be showing over 80 of her works and half of the net revenue will go towards helping our local community

18 JULY - 8 AUGUST 2014
Monday - Friday 10.00 - 17.00

The Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (Lindy Guinness)
detail - Cow Space - pastel & charcoal on paper 25 x 75 cm

July 2014 THE DUMB VALET BY B. B. FOR RESCHIO The newest piece hot off the camera in B. B. for Reschio's collection . . .

The Dumb Valet - bronze plated steel structure with upholstered seat in mustard velvet. The shoe racks can fold upwards and the bars extend for added hanging space.

August 2014 We love the bronze animal sculptures of our next exhibition We would like to thank everyone who joined us for the very successful opening of our first exhibition at the Tabaccaia, with some 40 percent of Lindy Guinness's paintings and drawings sold. The exhibition continues until 6th August and is open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm. next exhibition We are thrilled to announce that we will feature the sculptor Calyxte Campe for our next exhibition in the Tabaccaia di Reschio. We will be showing his bronze animal sculptures.

We hope you can join us for the private view on Monday 11th August at 7pm

September 2014 TOO BEAUTIFUL TO RESTORE... We love the challenge of rebuilding one of our precious ruined farmhouses on the Castello di Reschio Estate without losing its romantic soul

October 2014 WE LOVE OUR FIRST BIODYNAMIC CROP... Our first step towards achieving biodynamic farming at Reschio has begun with the threshing of linseed grown using strictly biodynamic methods.

The threshing process in the midst of the Tabaccaia yard was a spectacle for house owners and visitors alike.

November 2014 KITCHEN LIFE AT RESCHIO IN NOVEMBER "We love kitchen life at Reschio in November..."

Kitchen life in November at the Reschio houses is transformed with open fires where the chestnuts are roasted and the tomato conserves are ready to be opened.
Organically grown and wild produce from the Estate and from our rural Umbrian surrounding are what makes Italian country living at Reschio so unique.

December 2014 THE PRINCIPE CORSINI WINES AVAILABLE AT OUR WINE SHOP "We love the Principe Corsini wines available at our wine shop ..."

... and stocking many of the best Italian wines.

Owners and guests can speak to our sommelier about building up their collections or simply choosing a bottle for dinner.

January 2015 COMING TO WORK AT THE TABACCAIA DI RESCHIO "We love coming to work at the Tabaccaia di Reschio ..."

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the staff and the Bolza family

February 2015 "We love what [email protected] will bring to the Tabaccaia in July" NIC FIDDIAN GREEN
inspired in


will open on
4 JULY 2015

at the

in the hills of

[email protected]
Tel.+39 075 844 362 - [email protected] - www.reschio.com

March 2015 VERNACULAR ARCHITECTURE OF BARCO We love the vernacular architecture of Barco, which is situated on one of the Reschio estate hills, facing our 11th century castle. The iconic courtyard embraces the Umbrian landscape and forms the heart around which the house is located.

April 2015
The more time that passes the more we are captivated by Reschio's fascinating past. Over 500 people lived and farmed the estate back in 1901. The Torre di Reschio, situated next to the 11th Century castle, was then the smallest dwelling on the estate.

Torre di Reschio, 1901 - photograph courtesy of the private photo archive of Marchese Tommaso Bichi Ruspoli, whose ancestors owned the estate from 1692 to 1932

May 2015 We love how our purebred Andalusian horses merge with the Reschio landscape On land so beautiful and rich in flora and fauna, nothing is more peaceful than riding through the ancient olive groves of our estate.

Conte Antonio Bolza & Donna Nencia riding through the Sergine olive grove, May 2014

June 2015 inspired in Italy NIC FIDDIAN GREEN
Exhibition of new works and drawings
Benedikt Bolza
requests the pleasure of your company at the inauguration of the

Nic Fiddian Green exhibition
at the Tabaccaia di Reschio,
Lisciano Niccone, Perugia, Italy
on Saturday 4th July 2015
from 7.30 pm - 9pm

New works arriving at Castello di Reschio 'Etruscan Horse', 4ft, 7ft including plinth Photography Hugo Burnand

July 2015 We love to design and build bathrooms at Reschio... The bathroom, a space where so often the best ideas and thoughts of the day are born, we believe must be light-filled for inspiration.

This architectural space was created for the purpose of filtering the hot, intense summer sunlight and amplifying and concentrating the lower winter light.

August 2015 We love the magic water of our private Reschio lake... Situated in the heart of the estate is the largest of our lakes holding the valuable resource of rainwater collected from the surrounding hillsides. Staying all day at the lake cabin, to picnic and swim, is a true delight.

September 2015 We love to regenerate the historic buildings on the estate... This challenging building site has just begun – we are carefully taking down every stone and brick of the remarkable bell tower so that the building below can be reconstructed using reclaimed material and stone.

The bell tower itself will be built again using all of the carefully recorded original bricks and carved stones and will occupy its former position. The team of Reschio builders who have worked with us for 21 years are proud to be tackling this landmark building on our estate.

October 2015 We love to create magic... The magical transformation of a former outdoor space into a contemporary internal space at one of the Castello di Reschio properties.

This house was featured in The World of Interiors, August 2015 and in Architectural Digest, February 2013.

November 2015 We love Reschio in November... Each year warm sunny November days at Reschio remind us how lucky we are to live and work in this magical world. The days are warm with crystal clear skies. The nights are cool with log fires bringing us warmth and atmosphere. The colour transformation of our unspoiled landscape gives us, each and every day, ever more beautiful vistas.

December 2015 We love to cook using the traditional wood-fired bread oven... Some of the Reschio houses have them inside the main kitchen which is perfect for winter days baking. It is not just pizza and bread that, of course, we all enjoy so much but also delicious savoury dishes such as stuffed zucchini roasted at 300°C and let’s not forget casseroles and many slow roast dishes baking away in the retained heat.

Taking advantage too of the cooling oven let’s pop in some cakes and desserts and you have a whole delicious meal ready to enjoy...

January 2016 Getting ready for the New Year Getting ready for the Festive Season 2015, delicious sweet cooking smells waft from the Osteria di Reschio where chef Rosario has been busy preparing Torrone. The history of Torrone has its roots back in ancient Rome when this delicacy made of honey, almonds and albumen was reserved as an offering to the gods.

The preparation of Torrone today involves the continual stirring of honey and egg whites, boiling sugar to exactly 146°C and then adding it to the mix, last but not least adding toasted almonds . Millefiori (wild flower) honey is sourced locally and the very best almonds come from Bari in the south of Italy.

The re-birth of Torrone, after ancient times, has been well-documented and made its appearance again on October 25, 1441 at the wedding of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza. The bride not only had quantities of jewels, gold and riches of every sort as part of her dowry but her father also offered the fortunate bridegroom the city of Cremona. To commemorate the event the court’s confectioners made a new confection in the shape of the city tower, named the Torione, to represent the city.

By mixing almonds, honey and beaten egg whites and cooking the mixture for long hours over a slow heat the confectioners were able to reproduce the large tower that dominated the city.

It came as no surprise that the new creation was a great success with the guests from all over Europe and soon requests for the city’s special confection were being received from all over the known world.

February 2016 We love still water surfaces mirroring the views... Still water surfaces mirroring the views are one of the most enticing features of the Reschio gardens. We love to integrate our pools so that they are sheltered from the prevailing wind, they have the best views whilst always complimenting the architecture and landscape.

Chilly crisp frosty days, milder misty days and clear bright sunshine when the tramontana wind blows - all reflect their winter beauty in the pools and promise us wonderful things in the warmer seasons to come.

March 2016 We love those evocative shafts of light... The hills and valleys of Umbria have long held a special secret. Over centuries religious figures, poets and artists have come to discover, revel in and create their life’s work inspired by the beauty and tranquillity of this region.

The Castello di Reschio Estate has a history stretching back over a thousand years with the castle first mentioned in 1202 as a fortress guarding the routes to Perugia, Cortona and to the Tiber Valley. The castle sits on a spur of a gently rolling hill and oversees the changing moods of sun and rain, of cloud and storm, of brooding shadows and light filled days. We love those evocative shafts of light which spotlight the glories of the unspoilt nature of the Reschio estate.

April 2016 We love when spring comes and that the poppies return every year... First are the poplar trees along the rivers and streams which lead the way by bursting into leaf, then the hawthorn bushes dot the hillsides with white patches, then one by one poppies begin to paint the ploughed fields and hedgerows with their vibrant colour and so a new growing season begins.

We love when spring comes and that the poppies return every year with such a magnificent display.

May 2016 We love Nic Fiddian Green... The magnificent works of Nic Fiddian Green ‘Inspired in Italy’, which opened in July 2015, is on-going until October 2016 in our exhibition space at the Tabaccaia di Reschio. Do come to visit from Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm.

We love having the bronze, the copper and the lead sculptures that Nic has created stabled in the Tabaccaia and having the inspirational Andalusian horses running in the paddocks, exercising in the manege or taking people to the hidden parts of the Reschio estate.

June 2016 We love the artichokes of the synergetic garden... The cardoon, a variant of the artichoke, is native to the Mediterranean area but since Greek and Roman times the globe artichoke, with which we are all familiar, has been cultivated and eaten with relish. Not only delicious but the antioxidant value is one of the highest reported in vegetables.

We love going into the synergetic kitchen garden on our estate, cutting the artichokes and carrying them just a few hundred metres to the Osteria, where they are prepared, cooked and served to everyone’s delight.

July 2016 We simply love the buzz... Red and green, blue and orange and many more colours of the rainbow make happy hive homes for the Reschio bees.

The wealth of wild flowers and plants, uncontaminated by any artificial fertilisers or pesticides over the years, are feeding the thriving colonies of honeybees which signify immortality and resurrection.

August 2016 Preserving the essence of our ancient Castello di Reschio... We are busy documenting our old Castello di Reschio in its current untouched state, particularly before we start the extraordinary process of converting this 1000 year old structure into a generously spaced private hotel.

We love the challenge of creating something new and pristine whilst maintaining and preserving the essence and soul of this wonderful ancient building.

September 2016 We love to ride in the outdoor manège and then set off on a hack around our estate... At the crack of dawn mist from the valley rises and the sun begins to shine through with an ethereal light. Such a good time to be up, witness this splendour and exercise yourself and one of our wonderful Andalusian horses.

October 2016 There are things we love that you cannot find at Reschio... This hideaway, high up in the Austrian mountains, is the estate’s preferred skiing chalet and holiday home for all the year round.

Fully managed and staffed, it is available for limited weekly rental.

November 2016 We love adding new items to the B.B. for Reschio range... The skill of our local artisans and the wealth of materials - wood, bronze and leather, stimulate and inspire the creation of original furniture and lighting designs.

See our entire collection at the new webpage »

December 2016 We love the thought of coming home & the pleasure of being warmed through by an inviting open fire... Clear crisp sunny days, cold windy wet days, misty moist mornings are all part of our typical autumn weather. When out and about on the Reschio estate the thought of coming back home is upmost in our minds.

January 2017 We love this delicious Christmas treat... Just an hour’s drive from our estate of Castello di Reschio is the well-known city of Siena. This city is the home of the wonderful Christmas confection Panforte. In early medieval times when spices were first introduced to the area, this ‘strong bread’ was made and given to monks and nuns as annual tithes. Crusaders are even said to have carried this early ‘energy bar’ on their travels.

Rosario, the chef at our Osteria has taken a pause from making our delicious Torrone and we are delighted to say has been preparing our very own Panforte. He has used traditional ingredients of almonds, honey, sugar, flour, candied orange and citron and his own combination of ground spices nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, coriander and black pepper. We love this delicious Christmas treat.

February 2017 We love vintage bathing at Reschio... Our natural fresh water lake nestles in a tree ringed hollow fed by the rains. The clear still waters are reminiscent of times gone by and tempt all who see to jump in and partake in this vintage bathing experience.

The well-equipped cabin has just the things you need to make your day at the lake complete with food and cold drinks, towels and a comfortable place to read in the shade or on the terrace overlooking the changing reflections of the lake.

March 2017 We love finishing houses that become a natural part of the landscape... Ruins on our estate offer a blank canvas from which to create dream houses - within, of course the welcome constraints that the local authorities impose to maintain the integrity of the old structures.

The setting of the houses is the inspiration, design and restoration reflect the link with nature and environment - perfectly integrating the pools and outdoor living is key.

These two images are the newly designed, restored and furnished Casa delle Suore
This property is available for sale
For more information please contact [email protected]

April 2017 We love restoring our Castello and converting it into a place to stay that dreams are made of... Over 1000 years of history and last restored in the 1930s, the Castello is undergoing the most significant restoration in its history.

Every floor and roof structure is being renovated or replaced, every terracotta tile is taken out, cleaned and built back in, every original stone and brick is lovingly reinstated. The soul remains.

May 2017 We love the tall slender grace of a cypress avenue... These iconic trees were first introduced to the Mediterranean area by the Phoenicians in 1100 B.C. A mature cypress grows to a considerable height and being without sap is durable and can live to a great age - we are lucky to have majestic specimens leading to our castle.

Cypress trees have long been planted leading to villas, houses and castles and this is a tradition we at Reschio have been pleased to maintain. Over the years we have planted more than 2,500 new cypress trees along driveways and in newly restored property gardens. The base of the tender young trees, in their early years, have to be protected with wire mesh as deer find them irresistible to rub against to remove the velvet as their antlers develop.

Exhibition of Photographic Prints of Florence
Ewill open on
10 JULY 2017

at the
[email protected]

Costantino Ruspoli started his career as a photojournalist with an insatiable desire for travel. The 80’s and 90’s saw him not only as a fashion photographer but also developing his creativity and art.

Dedicating his more recent work to portraits, books and special projects, this exhibition presents a passionate portrayal of Florence - one remembered when there was time to stop and look without the crowds.

“I’ve photographed the Florence of my past, of my memories”

read more about [email protected] »

July 2017 We love the natural wild plants and trees that grow on our uncontaminated lands where no artificial fertilisers have ever been used... From June to September, the Wild Carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace plants thrive in our meadows and fields, coping with the heat and lack of rain by developing long tap roots to exploit the dry environment. They are greatly attractive to pollen and nectar feeding insects such as bees and beetles and the fresh young roots do actually taste of carrot!

The top of the hill brings us to Palazzo, one of the houses available for weekly rental.

August 2017 We love creating private events for our house owners and guests staying at Reschio... Raucous Rossini is an acclaimed young opera company that provides an opportunity for emerging singers and musicians to engage in Italian opera. They will shortly be performing the one-act comic opera by Rossini, L’Occasione Fa Il Ladro, at Reschio. This features 6 singers and the 19-piece orchestra is conducted by Max Fane, an old friend, who has performed at Reschio many times, despite his young age.

Max Fane is also the co-founder of an exciting new event, the New Generation Festival which will take place in Florence from 31st August to 3rd September 2017, in the Gardens of the Palazzo Corsini al Prato.

Information on tickets, hampers, hotels, and of course the music and world class team involved can be found at www.newgenerationfestival.org

September 2017 We love to be harvesting the honey this September... Ariel’s song from Shakespeare’s The Tempest begins “Where the bee sucks, …” and my goodness have the Reschio bees been busy sucking, sipping and collecting nectar from the rich variety of uncontaminated wild and garden flowers on our estate. These foraging bees store their 40 milligrams loads of nectar in their honey stomach and carry it back to the hives where they then drop it into the honeycombs. The worker bees then set to and fan the nectar with their wings to transform it into honey by evaporating much of the water content.

We love to be harvesting the honey this September and our bee keeper is very excited about the quality and fine flavour.

Our Reschio honey will be available for sale at the Enoteca from the end of September.

October 2017 We love collecting Italian classic cars and giving them a new green life here at Reschio... The late 40s and early 50s were a great time for practical Italian vehicles that have now become vintage classics. We have been lucky enough to find a FIAT 1100 ELR delivery truck and a FIAT 500, which we are going to restore and convert into electric vehicles to use to drive around the estate.

We love collecting these Italian classics, restoring them and giving them a new green life here at Reschio.

November 2017 We love creating unique wine labels... The excitement starts with the grapes ripening and the hint of what kind of year the vendemmia grape harvest will bring when transformed into wine, aged in barrels and then bottled. The planning, of course, starts way before with planting, care and tending of the vines during the growing season and knowing when the grape sugar levels are just right to harvest. Time there is, however, to create, design and draw by hand bespoke wine labels for our very own Reschio wine and for those wines we make for our house owners.

We love creating unique labels for individual wines grown, matured and to be enjoyed at Reschio.

December 2017 We love producing our extra virgin olive oil... The Reschio olive groves are managed according to the practices of organic farming and include century old trees and differing local varieties, among which the Dolce Agogia variety stands out.

The 2017 growing year was incredibly hot and very dry, far more than usual and this caused the loss of many olives immediately after the fruit had set, but guaranteed the absence of diseases and at the same time the development of fruit particularly rich in oil and flavour.

Harvesting the olives in mid-October, they were taken to be pressed the same day as they were picked in a state of the art press, which eliminates oxidation, fundamental for the very best olive oil.

We love producing our extra virgin health giving olive oil of the very highest quality, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.

January 2018 We love listening to our Reschio Choir... Our choir at Reschio, formed last year, meet on a weekly basis and our choirmaster has honed the performance of individuals and the group. He has unified the performers, prepares the material and sets the tempo and generally shapes the sound of our Reschio choir.

We love performing and hope that you will be able to hear us in the not too distant future or click play below.

May we take this opportunity to send you our very best wishes for the Festive Season.

Play Click to play

February 2018 We love patinating our made to measure tables... This specially commissioned table is made from a single sheet of brass, mounted on a steel structure. The magic begins as the surface is treated with a secret solution which transforms the colour while one-off patterns are created by adding and removing the liquid from the surface - light and shade, swirls and curls, reminiscent of oil on water.

We love patinating our made to measure tables, be they brass or bronze, thereby creating a unique piece of furniture from the B. B. for Reschio collection.

March 2018 We love giving a new style to houses at Reschio... Piantaverna is the latest house to be decorated and furnished by the Reschio team and we are delighted that it will be available for rental from Easter this year.

A newly decorated room offers a blank canvas in which to create themes and furnishing ideas. A newly decorated house offers the opportunity to fully develop those themes with colour, style and new design, thus creating a home full of warmth, comfort and good living.

We love giving new style and crafting new pieces of furniture for the restored houses at Reschio.

April 2018 We love [email protected] It started with some found items to furnish the houses, we have been restoring at Reschio, over the years, and it has now become a real passion. Sourcing and finding interesting items of furniture and a growing number of art works will be an ongoing activity and we are delighted to have the Tabaccaia di Reschio in which to display these items.

We love transforming the Tabaccaia exhibition space into a gallery of antique pieces of furniture and art works. This will be an ever evolving collection with portraits, other art works, sculptures and fascinating pieces of furniture being collected for the Castello Hotel but also available for sale.

Come and visit after Easter.

May 2018 We love Gardens... The Reschio estate ranges from some 350m - 500m above sea-level and the annual temperatures can creep up towards the top 30s in summer and drop to a low some years of -10°C. These factors have to be taken into account when planning the trees, shrubs and plants to choose for the Reschio gardens. Mediterranean plants such as lavender, rosemary, thyme do well and cypress trees and roses thrive especially in years of plentiful spring rain.

We love the mature Reschio gardens with the mass plantings bringing life and colour and perfume throughout the day and night.

June 2018 We love transforming our centre... For things to remain the same, everything must change”, these words from Giuseppe di Lampedusa in his classic, The Leopard, ring true and We love transforming our centre

Planning for the future and for when our castle is transformed into a private hotel we have spent the winter and early spring months with the groundwork makeover of our ‘centre’.

We have constructed the new building for the future restaurant, Alle Scuderie, which has been completed on the exterior and work will continue on the interior in the autumn.

We have removed the hay barn and grassed the area, creating a wonderful new green space. A new hay barn has been built next to new paddocks in the lower fields.

The Equestrian Theatre has taken shape with the façade completed and work will continue again in the autumn.

The Osteria, our private restaurant will remain in service throughout the coming year as will the facilities for riding.

Play Click to play

July 2018 We love Foraging... We love finding uses and recipes, old and new, for the many naturally occurring plants, bushes and trees to be found in the uncontaminated meadows, fields and hedgerows at Reschio.

Collecting the bright yellow star-like flowers of St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum), packing into jars and filling with olive oil, then placing in a sunny window transforms the liquid into a bright red oil which is fantastic for minor cuts and burns, aching muscles and growing pains. It is also a wonderful dye.

Mare’s tail (Equisetum arvense) grows abundantly in hedgerows and is rich in mineral salts. As a tisane it is excellent for muscles and bones and also to strengthen nails and hair. It is also a good natural tonic for use in the vegetable garden.

Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolate) the long lance like leaves to be seen in the basket beside the Mare’s tail. The slightly gelatinous quality is a substitute for butter when making a classic risotto and the taste is similar to spinach.

August 2018 We love making wonderful bunk beds... It is always wonderful to invite family and friends to join you on holiday and as children get older they want to bring their own friends too. The Reschio bunk beds, letti a castello in Italian, have been created as a solution to accommodate children young and old in a spacious Reschio family house. They prove to be popular and the bunk bedders always want to return.

Many aspects have been re-styled at Barco and with more occupants possible in the house, a larger table and suitable chairs were also required and so the dining room has been re-worked and the addition of the fireplace means the space has a year round aspect.

see more images of Barco »

We love creating solutions to accommodate family and friends in our rental houses.

September 2018 Things We Love in Summer... Play Click to play

October 2018 We love the wine making season... The long hot sunny days of summer and some gentle rain in September this year have matured the grapes in the vineyards of Reschio and those of our house owners who have vineyards. We have been busy harvesting the bunches of grapes and the process of wine making has begun.

A majority of the grapes grown and the wines we make, including our Reschio wine, Rasènio, are reds from different grape varieties, such as Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Cesanese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

This year, we are making a ‘passito’ wine for one of our house owners from his white Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes. We are using a ‘vin santo’ technique obtained by the fermentation of grapes through natural drying. This we do by hanging the individual bunches of grapes in a light airy room with good ventilation for approximately 3 months until they reach that special passito level and are ready for pressing.

We love the wine making season

November 2018 We love extra virgin olive oil... What a great year it is for olives with abundant growth on the trees and healthy oil filled fruit. From early October, our Reschio workforce has been out in the groves, spreading the nets and collecting the plentiful harvest, which is taken within hours of picking to be turned into this glorious green liquid food of the gods.

The early collection and the immediate pressing in high-tech machines, which eliminate heat and oxidation, makes oil of the ultimate quality of which we are justifiable proud. The flavour is strong, spicy and full of fruit and leaves a lingering pleasantly bitter aftertaste and this year there is a plentiful supply.

We love serving our new olive oil at the Osteria in this artisan crafted ‘oliera’ oil flask.

December 2018 We love transforming and creating new facilities for guests... Over the past year a new building has taken shape at the Reschio estate ‘centre’. This imposing structure with its tall glass windows, central roof vernacular barn style tower and classic orange colour will become a new restaurant to be named Alle Scuderie and will be opening in June 2019.

The walled garden, which will have outdoor dining tables and sitting areas has been planted with a row of plane trees, cypresses, box and orange trees to create shade. The old fountain has been rebuilt stone by stone, in its original position.

We love transforming and creating new facilities for guests at Reschio

January 2019 Carol of the bells The Reschio choir, under the tender charge of choirmaster, Sergio Briziarelli, have studied and given some performances throughout 2018 and have now prepared for you the Carol of the Bells.

Our very best wishes for the festive season to you, your family and friends.

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February 2019 We love some of the peculiar pieces from our hotel cutting scenes... We love some of the peculiar pieces from our hotel cutting scenes...

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March 2019 We love designing our dressing table that will grace each of the suites in the Hotel Castello di Reschio ... A dressing table is a piece of bedroom furniture like a table with mirrors and drawers. Yet, somehow, it is so much more and this new piece from the B.B. for Reschio range has been created and designed, crafted and constructed by the Reschio team and craftsmen. The idea is to give the bedroom a functioning and practical solution for placing and storing objects, make up, health and beauty products, jewellery as well as providing power outlets for all those devices that need to be re-charged and not of course forgetting a hair dryer.

April 2019 We love new houses in the rental pool... A house on a hill with 360° views and a cypress driveway sounds like the dream property in Umbria or Tuscany. This iconic founding property on the Reschio estate, Grugliano, was restored over 20 years ago and has just become available for weekly rental.

We love being able to offer new houses in the rental pool, giving our guests a wide choice of properties in which to enjoy their trouble free holiday with full Reschio services and amenities

May 2019 We love creating olive terraces in our gardens... Arial photographs of parts of the Reschio estate show that from time immemorial many of the hilly slopes were terraced with blocks of stone dug out of the ground over the years and planted with olives trees in the stepped rows. Many of these walls are still apparent but other have fallen into disrepair as nature takes its course.

At one of the houses, Casa delle Suore, a fine series of new olive terraces have been created stretching up the slope from the Astroturf tennis court. Mature olive trees have been brought in and planted in these majestic terraces, as have ground cover plants. We love recreating precious iconic olive terraces in our landscaped gardens.

Casa delle Suore is available for rental.

June 2019 We love making our own pizza ... Pizza is probably one of the best known Italian words in the world and we know that the pizza had roots back in antiquity.
The Romans had a flat bread to which toppings were added and then the modern pizza was developed in Naples, in the late 18th Century, when tomato was added. Pizza was then mainly eaten in Italy and by emigrants taking their favourite dishes with them overseas but this changed after World War II, when Allied troops stationed in Italy came to appreciate pizza along with other Italian specialities.

We can enjoy pizza in the houses, with bread ovens, at Reschio and also having a cooking class to prepare our very own signature combination of toppings.

July 2019 We love growing health giving crops... Linseed or common flax with its pretty blue flowers and bell-like seed pods was one of the first domestically grown crops. Widely cultivated for tens of centuries in Ethiopia and in Egypt and even traces of dyed linen cloth dating back to 30,000 A.C. have been found in a cave in Georgia. The oil from linseed, pale yellowish in colour, is in demand as a nutritional supplement and is the highest source of omega-3 fatty acid in vegetable oils. Research is ongoing and seems to show that linseed or its derivatives may also reduce LDL-cholesterol in the blood. We have been growing linseed in some of our biodynamic fields for the past couple of years and this year will be cold pressing the seed to produce this beneficial oil. Hotel Castello di Reschio Meet another extraordinary character!
True character lives on - the story continues – Hotel Castello di Reschio

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August 2019 We love the new ristorante Alle Scuderie... The Ristorante Alle Scuderie opened its doors on Saturday, the culmination of a year’s work by the B.B. for Reschio creative team.

The large spacious building has a double height internal dining hall which is furnished and decorated with custom designed and created furniture and lighting pieces. The seating on the banquettes or armchairs can be arranged for couples, small or larger groups and indeed more numerous parties. There are also dining options on the large covered terrace or in the garden by the old restored fountain or indeed under the pizza loggia complete with its fireplace.

Our philosophy is to create and serve simple Italian dishes using ingredients from our kitchen garden and the estate or sourced from the local area. The wine list includes our house wines as well as local organic wines and Italian classics.

At the heart of the restaurant is the Bar Centrale, a work of art in itself, crafted by our skilled woodworkers, blacksmiths and stone masons. It is a natural meeting place for all those on the estates at different times of day - call in for a coffee, a healthy herb cocktail or a pre-prandial.

We love our new Ristorante Alle Scuderie with its Bar Centrale

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September 2019 We love the new Equestrian Theatre... The new Teatro Equestre has been completed and provides a multi-functional space, two third of which is covered and the remaining third being open. Its principal use is, of course, to provide in its spacious manège of fine pinkish sand, a home in which the Spanish pure blood horses can work and practice their dressage movements, as perfectly demonstrated by Count Bolza. Riding lessons with horses and ponies can also benefit from the shade of the full sun, when it rains and also during the winter months.

The future will bring Equestrian Shows and this large space will be used for concerts and gatherings as well as for an occasional pop-up cinema.

We love having this large well-designed, functional space in the heart of the Reschio Estate.
Hotel Castello di Reschio Meet another extraordinary character!
True character lives on - the story continues - Hotel Reschio

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October 2019 We love wine-making... In the Reschio vineyards the individual grape varieties, Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sagrantino and Cesanese all mature at different rates. Our wine maker uses a refractometer to measure the amount of sugar in the developing grapes.

A refractometer has different uses but in the case of the grapes the refractometer measures the extent of light refraction of the juice within the grape; this is then used in order to identify the amount or concentration of dissolved substances, i.e. sugars, within the sample. As light passes through the liquid from the air it will slow down and create a ‘bending’ illusion, the severity of the ‘bend’ will depend on the amount of sugars dissolved in the liquid.

The wine maker combines the results from the refractometer with his personal skills to identify the phenolic maturation Phenols are complex molecules, including tannins, in the skins and pips of the grape that can contribute bitter flavours. As the grape approaches ripeness, they change from bitter to pleasantly astringent, to soft and ripe-tasting.

The results are in and as a result we have harvested the Merlot and Sangiovese to date which are now individually undergoing the primary or alcoholic fermentation.

November 2019 A Millennium in the making An exclusive first glimpse into Hotel Castello di Reschio. A whole cast of brilliant crafters have been playing their part here at Reschio. Stone-masons, builders, carpenters, blacksmiths, plumbers, electricians, technicians, engineers, surveyors, gardeners… Their expert touches are all adding to the story of the 1000-year-old Castello, and making it an unforgettable place to stay. Meanwhile, down at the Tabaccaia di Reschio, the design team have been busily crafting, testing and perfecting new pieces for the new rooms. Furniture, fittings, lamps, lighting, curtains, decorative items and accessories, all in gorgeous artisanal materials - wood, marble, copper, brass, wood, velvet, and linen.

Our designers have also collected historic pieces, paintings and portraits from the finest antique fairs across Italy, playfully combining the old with the new. Hotel Castello di Reschio will open its doors in June 2020. But excitingly, it’s already time to start dressing some of the completed rooms...

We love the whole creative process - and we look forward to welcoming you in, to be part of the continuing story.
Hotel Castello di Reschio Meet another extraordinary character!
True character lives on - the story continues - Hotel Reschio

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