Reschio: The First Thousand Years

An elegant book with a treasure trove of whimsical and historical stories together with previously unseen photography and archive images.

For more than a thousand years, Reschio has seen the great drama of Italian history eddy and swirl around its borders – and, not infrequently, within them. From the intrigues of popes and emperors to the violent clashes of ducal armies, the passage of pilgrims and Grand Tourists, and the large-scale consequences of world wars and mass migration – quite a millennium for a remote estate in the hills of rural Umbria. Recently Reschio has been the scene of a more peaceful, though no less rich and colourful, drama.



The book is in glorious colour with fabulous photographs and a well-documented archive that graphically shows how the landscape has evolved into an ecosystem including biodynamic farming, and how, from 50 ruins, 31 houses have metamorphosised into stunning architecturally designed houses still leaving some gems for the future. We co-art-directed the book and when it came to the cover, it was a unanimous decision - an impromptu shot that Count Benedikt had taken of his wife, Donna Nencia as they selected paintings to hang in the castle. The doyenne from a former age, gazes out to the castle’s current matriarch.


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28 juin 2024

Reschio: The First Thousand Years

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17 juin 2024

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8 mai 2024

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