Nature comes first at Reschio, and always will. This is Italy as it should be, Italy as it once was, with rolling, golden hills, shady olive groves and dense oak forests, with flower meadows and an irresistible sense of wilderness. A place to let your hair down and breathe deep. This pristine corner of Umbria has been nurtured and protected by the family for years, and at the heart of it all is Donna Nencia, who lives and breathes Reschio. The result? A 1,500-hectare estate like no other



We call it “careful foraging” – sympathetically wandering through the landscape, searching for little-known or forgotten botanical marvels. Join Nencia as she explores the meadows, hedgerows and forests for natural remedies such as St John’s Wort, an unassuming yellow flower that holds a host of miracles. And we’ve not even mentioned the wild herbs, edible plants and mushrooms used by our chefs in the restaurants

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There is a living pharmacy all around us...




We are fully organic, of course, but we’re going a step further, working towards making everything – the sunflower, hemp and wheat fields, the vegetable gardens and the poultry – fully biodynamic and synergic. What does that mean? Stroll through Nencia’s organic garden and you’ll get the gist. Here, vegetables are grown as nature intended: mingling with flowers, herbs and fruit bushes, all working together to grow and produce as much as they can. You’ll emerge enlightened and fragrant with the lingering scent of mint, lavender and rosemary

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Our 1,500-hectare estate produces outstanding light reds and rosés, and some Reschio houses have their own private vineyards, where our head winemaker oversees the careful wine production for owners. Harvest time, from late September, sees everyone romping through the vineyards together to bring in the fruit for pressing. Our century-old olive trees, meanwhile, produce organic, cold-pressed oil which tastes simply sublime



Reschio’s flower-filled meadows and forests filled with flourishing wild herbs and plants have always been free of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. This means we are lucky enough to have thriving colonies of happy, healthy honeybees which produce our rich millefiori honey. Seek out our beekeeper, a regular on the estate, who will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about bees

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