Design at Reschio is everything. It extends beyond architecture, landscape, gardens and interiors. It is having the vision to ensure beauty and joy is in absolutely every aspect of the estate.

It is what we breathe, it is everywhere.

Benedikt Bolza

The design should feel like you are walking into somewhere that suits you perfectly, that you have known for years but still holds surprises...


B.B. for Reschio

Bespoke furniture was never a luxury, it was simply the natural order of things. When a house was built, furniture was made for the spaces with a perfect sense of proportion. B.B. for Reschio has continued that natural tradition with every project it undertakes. Using architectural design to arrange space and furniture, while placing lamps to illuminate areas. Additional pieces were designed and made for the Hotel Castello di Reschio enabling us to extend our existing range of our highly desirable objects



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Come and have a stroll around our restored Tabaccaia di Reschio; it’s an artwork in itself. The former tobacco factory has been reimagined into an industrial-chic creative centre of sky-high ceilings and stylish spaces for our Reschio team. Here, too, is where we host our art exhibitions, which have included the world-famous equine works by Nic Fiddian Green, and Lindy Guinness’s fabulous studies

Stay at Reschio

Your opportunity to be in a magnificent house, where design, style and comfort are second to none

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