June 2023

We Love Our Water Circle

The rain in May was incessant. No one could recall a spring like it. Reschio is now a verdant green, elderflower and wisteria’s heavy scent fills the air. Yet, even as we pulled on our damp wellies we knew we had to appreciate that rain. Reschio’s previous owners built four reservoirs to irrigate their thirsty, but lucrative, tobacco crop. Today we are indebted to them as we rely entirely on rainwater to fill swimming pools, irrigate gardens and establish saplings’ tender roots. We favour crops that do not need irrigation, such as sunflowers, flax and the winter cereals of wheat and barley.

Local masons build terraced stone walls in many gardens, enabling planting which in turn prevents soil erosion when the heavy deluges come. We are so aware of the devastation that diluvial rain can cause and do our best to maintain drains and canals to prevent damage.

Our rich compost also makes our Reschio gardens so lush. The mix is a precise science with chicken and horse manure, faded flowers, used coffee granules, vegetable peelings, even guests’ worn slippers. All are layered, like a wholesome lasagne and cooked in the sun. The scalding temperatures serve to eradicate any lingering bacteria or weed seeds. The nutrient-full compost is used in the gardens; ploughed into the fields before sowing the next crop and fed to 4000 olive trees.

Yet, on those baking hot summer days, we give thanks for Lago Grande where guests can take over the little cabin on the lake shore and spend a lazy day messing about in paddle boats without a cloud in the sky. When the dry, drought ridden months come around, we will think back and love the May rains

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