October 2021

We Love The Bathhouse

At Reschio we like to challenge the norm - we turn things every which way before we decide to walk our own path – and so it was with The Bathhouse.

It is almost a sacred space within the former wine cellars of the ancient castle; the millennium old stonewalls hold the heat to a steady temperature. The open fire, flickering candles, music to sing to the soul, all add to the sensory awareness. The cave, a natural tepidarium deep in the earth, warms the muscles to the optimum temperature. Every detail of this spacious and cosseting area dedicated to holistic healing and relaxation.

Carers work instinctively to absorb all your woes and either wash them away through a series of bath rituals using foraged ingredients, such as wild camomile flowers and honey or pummel them out with a variety of infusions, including St. John’s Wort collected each summer solstice from our meadows. Our carers combine sophisticated knowledge, wild ingredients and nurturing compassion - guests ascend those timeworn stairs with a bounce in their step.

Filled with heated salt water, the Roman Bath extends into a circular tower where, at a push of a button, a torrential shower is released from the top of a tall turret. A sauna equipped with freshly picked whipping branches; a hamman misty with vapours, naturally lit from above all complete our intimate Bathhouse. Take home the art of dry brushing from our chief carer: the powerful sweeping motion, either towards crucial organs or down through the body, controls the flow of energy and has an immediate soporific or energising effect.

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