September 2017

We love to be harvesting the honey this September...

Ariel’s song from Shakespeare’s The Tempest begins “Where the bee sucks, …” and my goodness have the Reschio bees been busy sucking, sipping and collecting nectar from the rich variety of uncontaminated wild and garden flowers on our estate. These foraging bees store their 40 milligrams loads of nectar in their honey stomach and carry it back to the hives where they then drop it into the honeycombs. The worker bees then set to and fan the nectar with their wings to transform it into honey by evaporating much of the water content.

We love to be harvesting the honey this September and our bee keeper is very excited about the quality and fine flavour.

Our Reschio honey will be available for sale at the Enoteca from the end of September.

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